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Regassing in Doncaster

Looking for a reliable and affordable solution to your car air conditioning problems in Doncaster?

Our Onsite and Mobile Car Regas Doncaster team are ready to regas your car air conditioning system at your home or office. We come to you and offer our full car air conditioning regas services for any type of vehicle.

If your car air conditioning system is in need of a regas, it would be wise for you to call us and book your vehicle in for a Car Regas service. Leaving your vehicle’s car air conditioning system without a regas can cause further problems if left for too long.

When was the last time you had a regas on your car air conditioner? Is it running properly? Do you know how to recognise signs that your car air-conditioning system may not be running as well as it should?

Did you know that on average, ten percent of car air conditioner gas permeates from the air-con system every year, which cause it to function at a less than optimal level?

The car air conditioner in your vehicle is more important than you may think!  Car Air conditioners help to keep you feel cool in the summer and during the winter; they remove humidity from your car cabin. This is helpful when you are trying to get rid of a foggy windshield! It is also important you occasionally run your car air conditioner during the winter months to keep the system functioning well so that you prevent cracks in the hoses or seals.

Car Air conditioner maintenance may not seem as vital as other repairs that your vehicle may need but it is essential that you keep your car air conditioning system running properly in order. Routine car maintenance checks will look for some of the more prominent and obvious issues such as refrigerant leaks or drive belt tension, but some of the more detailed components may not be taken in to consideration during a routine maintenance check.

If you reside or work in the doncaster area of Melbourne and your car or truck is in need of an air conditioning regas then simply contact us and we can book your vehicle for a car regas onsite or our Mobile Car Air Conditionig services are avaialable in the Doncaster area.

Our Car Regas professionals can provide a car regas service as well a full comprehensive check, which will include a series of checks, balances, repairs and replacements.

More specifically, some of these vehicle air conditioning checks and replacements will include an inspection of the drive belt and pulleys, a check the valves and thermostats to make sure they are functioning properly, a check of the hoses and the different components, adding the appropriate amount of refrigerant oil, a condenser temperature check, a suction line temperature reading, a leak test on the system lines and various component and a check of the air vent temperatures, and a final report on the air conditioning system.

Did you know? When regassing your car air conditioner, our car regas mechanics will remove any old refrigerant gas and oil from your air conditioning system and will replace it with correct amount of refrigerant and lubricant according to the guidelines that come along with your car.

On average, you should get your car air con regassed every one and a half to two years.

Again this service is above and beyond your regular car maintenance service; if you have had your car for over two years-it is time to come in for a regas!

If you live in Doncaster, Melbourne or the surrounding areas such as Nunawading, Forest Hill, Mitcham, Blackburn, then our mobile services are ready to assist and regas you car air conditioning system today!  Give us a call to book your car for a regas either onsite at our workshop or we can come to your home or office.

Call us today and get your car or truck regassed!


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This was just too easy! I called whilst I was at worked and let the guys know that my car air conditioning system was not blowing out cold air, the booking was made, they came to my work, regassed my car and that was that. Most friendly and efficient service I have used. Wow, keep it up guys. Great service


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